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Things I love

I am a massive geek when it comes to gadgets for the kitchen, the home or the even the basic whistle and find your keys kind but when I find photography related gadgetry my level of geek excitement takes on a whole new reality. Think somewhere in the vicinity of hyperventilating small child seeing theme park for the first time after being trapped in a car for over 12 hours of mindless driving, hyped up on a jumbo 7 eleven mixed flavour slurpy, a super sized bag of red frogs and whatever other junk food you could find to bribe the child with to keep them quiet so you could just get to your destination and when you finally reach your destination, said child is on the brink of passing out from happiness all the time doing a jumpy sideways, crab walking, need to pee dance without admitting that is the case because all they want to do is blindly run head first into every available ride!

This perfectly describes the level of excitement I feel as an adult when I find a super cool photography gadget. Completely over the top, ahhh Yes! True…. ahh yes.

First up is the digital camera eyeglasses, I have been waiting for someone to make these look cool and less workwear eye protection-ish and this pair from the Japan Trend Shop are ridiculously cool. Wear them as glasses, as a necklace, a key chain and always have a digital camera ready to go, plus the lo-fi images it produces are to die for!

Next is the Nanoblock build it yourself digital camera. It looks like lego, you build it like lego and then it takes pictures. AMAZING. Plus you can buy more blocks and change the design around to make any camera style you like. Bliss.

Then we have photoshop fridge magnets from Photojojo. Pretty much anything from Photojojo is a must have for me. I would love to have these on my fridge, if I could find some room.

The Jelly lenses are my must have christmas item (family are you listening ??) they make beautiful little lomo effects out of your mobile phone camera and come in this rainbow of colours and effects like fish eye, kaleidoscope, stretch, mirage and the list goes on.

Finally what camera collection would be complete without the Diana from Lomography and this gold limited edition mini version is just ganster enough for me. It’s tiny, it’s gold, it’s thug-ography!

So there it is, my current “Things I love” 100% dedicated to photo gadgets. I do have more but I have to stop somewhere right?


Links for all these little gems are listed below;

1. Megane Digital Camera Eyeglasses image via Japan Trend Shop

2. Nanoblock Build your own Camera image via Japan Trend Shop

3. Photoshop Fridge Magnets via Photojojo

4. Jelly Lomo Style Phone Camera Lenses image via Amazon

5. Diana Baby Gold Limited Edition image via Shop Jeen 

Happy snapping 


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