‘Moi Tiet’ the Raddest Bar in Cambodia!



In February this year we headed to Cambodia on our belated honeymoon. We did the whole wedding thing in a pretty chilled out way (I will post more about our wedding soon) and we just kept that relaxed attitude right on rolling, waiting about 7 months before we headed to Cambodia.

It was worth the wait! Cambodia is an amazing country and absolutely worthy of a visit / stay / permanent relocation. Yes, Mum we did consider it while sipping our beverages in this very bar 🙂

Kampot was the last town on our 3 week visit to Cambodia and it was bitter sweet that we saved it to last because it was the town we both loved the most and it was also the town we had the shortest time in. We were only in Kampot for about 4 days and both of us agree we could have easily stayed forever, it was soooo relaxed. Or maybe it’s something they put in the ginger beer here cos it was AMAZING!

If you’re ever in Kampot, Moi Tiet is a MUST to check out. If I remember right the name means ‘one more please’ so do just that! Have a drink and a chat with the super friendly owner. It’s a bar, tattoo parlour and creative space that seamlessly turns one drink into many and ends in a hilarious but futile search for a tuk tuk driver named ‘ The Fonz’.



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