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Eeeeek it’s mid-lateish January 2014! How did that happen so quickly?

Getting Organised 2014December whizzed by in a blur of food, wine, friends and family then more food, wine, friends and family and I didn’t get a chance to blog once. I had plenty of ideas and did a heap of small creative projects as well as having a great time trying out new recipes yum yum yum but the time to sit down and write about what I was doing just got away from me.

I have vowed that I am getting organised this year! Yeah, yeah doesn’t everyone say that at the start of a new year….Well… I am still going to give it a red hot try.

I normally write my blog or creative ideas/ thoughts/ dreams/ crazy half food – half mythical creature sketches in a notebook …. OR sometimes I type them into the notes section of my phone but a lot of the time I write down thoughts and ideas on any old thing that I can find – scrap paper – back of a phone bill – paper towel and this inevitably gets lost. This year I wanted something that could hold my ideas, that would be big enough for me to store all that boring paperwork and also something that would let me plan ahead. Oh and it had to be pretty. That’s a lot of pressure for a new diary.

I found some fantastic free printable resources for getting organised here and here.

From here I decided to take a DIY approach hoping that if I put the effort into making myself a tailored system that I would stick with it. I found this super cute red polka dot lever arch folder at Kmart for $2 with the matching manilla folder dividers for $2 per pack of 5. Woo hoo! I was thinking about handwriting the months onto the divider tabs but then I wandered into the scrapbooking section and they had these really great rub on letters for $2 a pack – I got 2 different styles to give my lettering some extra pizazz.

For a grand total of $12 I got:

  • 1x lever arch folder
  • 3x packs of dividers (5 in each)
  • 2x rub on letter packs

I love K-mart!

To complete the organising system I used the free resources I found at

There are some really great calendars that you can print out at home as well as an editable pdf calander that allows you to type birthdays and important dates into before you print it out.

Getting Organised 2014

Finally I purchased a blog planning kit from Bloggers Bazzar this is something I definitely needed to kick start my 2014 blog planning. The planner is just $9 and I am really happy with my purchase. There are a lot of great tips, prompts and planners in here that I hope will keep me on track. Plus the Bloggers Bazzar site is a freaking gold mine of bloggerlicious information.

My folder was quick, easy and inexpensive to set up and I think it looks super cute. Ahhhh Misson accomplished. Now to fill it up with ideas….


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