Kitchen Creations

I have been a tad kitchen obsessed lately, don’t get me wrong I’m not a whipping up a tasty feast every night of the week its quite the opposite. You see during the week my husband and I work long and very different hours so I can get a bit uninspired when it comes to cooking just for me. I have however mastered the art of and I am pretty much on a first name basis with the thai place at the bottom of our street but on the weekends I love to try out new things and experiment.

20th Century Garage + Gold Pineapple

I love a good vintage shop! Wait is there a word that means more than love? If there is insert it here [ ]. I am a little retro obsessed. I like things that are old, that have meaning, that have a history and I love that these objects proudly display the battle scars of their past. I always have. I think I have the early stages of hoarding – no lie, it started when I was little with my inability to throw things away and this has stayed with me ever since. I can tell you the story of every item in my house. Where it came from, how much it cost or who gave it to me and the emotional sentiment I have attached to this poor unknowing item. I’m pretty sure this is hoarder mentality.

‘Moi Tiet’ the Raddest Bar in Cambodia!

If you’re ever in Kampot, Moi Tiet is a MUST to check out. If I remember right the name means ‘one more please’ so do just that! Have a drink and a chat with the super friendly owner. It’s a bar, tattoo parlour and creative space that seamlessly turns one drink into many and ends in a hilarious but futile search for a tuk tuk driver named ‘ The Fonz’.


These seats are really easy to make and a inexpensive way to make some extra seating for outdoor bbq’s or parties. Mine cost $3 to make. I made the darker two last summer and at first the hessian bag can be a little scratchy but after a few sittings they are really comfortable, light and handy extra seating to have around.