Cake Pops the easy way!

Cake on a stick covered in chocolate, you had me at cake!
Normally cake pops are all about making a cake destroying it by crumbling it into little pieces and adding butter cream icing, then rolling them into balls and putting them in the fridge/freezer to set before you can get to the fun part, the decorating.
Don’t get me wrong this sounds amazing but I have an easier way. I was given a cake pop maker for my birthday! YAY! It is a wise friend who knows that fast cake = happiness.

Summer of Pie

We are approaching beach season and while most people are starting their pre-summer diets, getting in shape & prepping bikini bodies. I have decided to go in the total opposite direction. I’m thinking more along the lines of how much butter, chocolate & cream can I cram into my oven / face this summer.

Time for a cup of tea & a Cupcake.

So this post is all about last weekend. It has to be my biggest kitchen weekend so far. There were some successes and a not so great chocolate self saucing pudding that I will re-attempt another time. The biggest success of the weekend were these Citrus Cupcakes! Yum – I wish I had one right now. I modified a few online recipes into one. Recipe is at the bottom of this post.

Say Hello to my Berry Bunny Face Bag

I have to show you my new handbag it’s completely awesome and perfect for me! Berry + Bunny = Love! Jess & Fi have designed a really fun, vibrant collection of handbags called Made Beautiful which not only look great they are big enough to meet my Mary Poppins-ish hangbag needs.
Well done ladies!