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Things I love – The photo gadget edit

I am a massive geek when it comes to gadgets for the kitchen, the home or the even the basic whistle and find your keys kind but when I find photography related gadgetry my level of geek excitement takes on a whole new reality. Think somewhere in the vicinity of hyperventilating small child seeing theme park for the first time after being trapped in a car for over 12 hours of mindless driving, hyped up on a jumbo 7 eleven mixed flavour slurpy, a super sized bag of red frogs and whatever other junk food you could find to bribe the child with to keep them quiet so you could just get to your destination and when you finally reach your destination, said child is on the brink of passing out from happiness all the time doing a jumpy sideways, crab walking, need to pee dance without admitting that is the case because all they want to do is blindly run head first into every available ride!

Cake Pops the easy way!

Cake on a stick covered in chocolate, you had me at cake!
Normally cake pops are all about making a cake destroying it by crumbling it into little pieces and adding butter cream icing, then rolling them into balls and putting them in the fridge/freezer to set before you can get to the fun part, the decorating.
Don’t get me wrong this sounds amazing but I have an easier way. I was given a cake pop maker for my birthday! YAY! It is a wise friend who knows that fast cake = happiness.